2019 Belgium France Germany Luxembourg Netherlands

The Ardennes

To compensate for the prematurely terminated Kyrgyzstan trip I make a cycling trip through the Ardennes in August. The trip goes from Maastricht to the French border, from Sedan to Luxemburg-City, and via the High Fens back to the Netherlands. The landscape is varied, the road surface mainly asphalted and the temperature very high. In […]

2012 France

Climbing on Corsica

This is the report of our cycling trip on Corsica in April 2012. The trip takes us along the rugged west coast, over high roads and through deep gorges. Early in the season, the snowy peaks of the central mountain range are always in sight. In one week, Rudi and I cycle about 650 kilometers […]

2008 France Italy Switzerland

The Alps #3

This is the report of the Tour de Nivolet, my cycling holiday in mountainous areas in Switzerland, France and Italy. Results: nine passes and a very special off-road detour. In seven days I cycle some 600 kilometers and climb 12,700 meters. Prologue When I was a kid I was studying the map of the National […]

2004 France Italy

The Alps #1

This is the report of my cycling trip around the border of France and Italy, in June 2004. The highlights are some of the big pass roads (Agnel, Bonette) as well as a few less known cols (Fauniera, Sampeyre). I also bump into a statue of Marco Pantani. In six days I travel 315 kilometers […]

2003 France

The Cevennes

Day 1: Florac > Le Rozier (67 km) Yesterday I arrived in Florac after 1,070 km driving. I leave the car at the nice camping and start cycling in the area of the river Tarn. From Florac I immediately have to climb steeply to the Causse Mejean (five hairpins, 450 meters, on average 8%). Up […]