2019 Kyrgyzstan

Crashed in Kyrgyzstan

In July, Rudi and I want to cycle in Kyrgyzstan for a month. The road leads from the capital through a hot valley over an obsolete pass, through a wonderful valley, and over a plateau and gorge to a pass. In the descent to Son-Kul, Rudi falls unluckily, marking the end of the cycling vacation. […]

2019 Germany Netherlands

Osnabrück to Venlo

In the late summer, I cycle in Germany for four days. From Osnabrück the route goes over and parallel to the long stretched ridge of the Teutoburger Forest to the southeast, to cross the Ruhrgebiet from east to west after Paderborn. It is a very varied tour, with lots of nature, of course also the […]

2019 Belgium France Germany Luxembourg Netherlands

The Ardennes

To compensate for the prematurely terminated Kyrgyzstan trip I make a cycling trip through the Ardennes in August. The trip goes from Maastricht to the French border, from Sedan to Luxemburg-City, and via the High Fens back to the Netherlands. The landscape is varied, the road surface mainly asphalted and the temperature very high. In […]