2022 Belgium Luxembourg The Netherlands

The Ardennes #2

In June 2022 I join the Pentecost Mountain Goat Ride, following a call on the forum of De Wereldfietser. In four days, we ride some 430 kilometers and climb almost 6,000 meters.

There are fourteen of us, including organizer Bert, Romy, Jan, Peter, Johnny, Gerton, Jos, Patrick, Eelco and Nanke. We are a diverse mix ranging from heavily packed pack mules to lightweight mountain goats, and from early risers to sleepovers. People cycle alone or in groups and at their own pace. I ride on day 2 and 3 whole sections with Romy, and on day 4 I cycle with Jos, Patrick, Gerton. It is a very rewarding trip!


– Day 1: Eijsden > Durnal (100 km; 1,300 meters elevation gain)
– Day 2: Durnal > Bouillon (100 km; 1,660 m)
– Day 3: Bouillon > Peterskirchen (115 km; 1,500 m)
– Day 4: Peterskirchen > Maastricht (113 km; 1,410 m)